Providing professional <span> Computer Repair</span> servicesWeb Hosting, Domains, Design & ManagementHome Theater Specialist
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Providing professional Computer Repair services

With over 10 years experience in the computer industry. Sam covers everything from basic computer repairs, Services and Sales, Home tutorials, home and office networking, Mobile Phone and Tablet Repairs

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Web Hosting, Domains, Design & Management

With Plenty of experience building and developing Websites For business as well as schools, using tools like Wordpress, Joomla as well programming and databasing with languages Like HTML, SQL, CSS, JavaScript, etc Combined with Sam's Own Web Hosting Services You can have it all covered under the one business your own Email Address, website with your own Domain Name

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Home Theater Specialist

Sam's Teknical Help also sets up and installs Home theater systems For the home to get the most out of TV or Data Projector. We can even setup Home theater Networks so you can have all your favorite movies and TV Shows stored in the one place but can be watched from any TV or computer in the house. We also do sound and lighting for local schools and concerts and Performances.

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Call Today 0432 290 334

Give Sam A call Today and Get Your Technical Problems Solved

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Websites Starting at $395.00


Website Design – Features


Typical Cost: $395.00 – $4,500.00

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Optimised for Google
  • Fast Loading Sites
  • High Converting Pages
  • Image Galleries
  • Ad Management
  • Project Mangment
  • E-Commerce
  • Social Networking
  • Original Web Design
  • WordPress Specialists
  • Custom Forms and
  • Personalised Emails
  • CMS software
  • Databasing
  • Blogs
  • ERP Software
  • File Management

Just want a single page or article written and optimized? Costs start at $150.00

Monthly Management Option Available

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